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Reduce your image size without any quality loss.

Step 1

Have you ever wanted to compress your image size without quality loss? Compressing image size is good, the image will take less time to load, it saves space and not to mention valuable bandwidth on your server.

Below is a picture I tool a few years ago in my old local town (England, Norfolk - Thetford).

The image looks great quality doesn't it? The file size of the image is a whopping 218kb!

Step 1 diagram

Step 2

My aim is to compress the image below 50kb without any quality loss. Many people make the mistake of using the usual File > Save as .JPG option.

Step 2 diagram

Step 3

Instead, go to [File > Save For Web]. Notice the "Save for web" text.. ;)

Select the JPG option and move the slider across until you see a loss in quality. For me it I stopped the slider at around 46. Then obviously click "Save".

Step 3 diagram

Step 4

Okay, the below image has been reduced by 180kb! The file size of the image is now ONLY 38kb :) Just "right click > properties" on the image to see the image size.

Step 4 diagram

Step 5

Although this tutorial is short it really should help if you already didn't know how to reduce the size without quality loss. Are you tired of trying to add your tutorial icon to good-tutorials.com because it is too big in file size? Simple.. just follow the steps in this tutorial :)

Step 5 diagram

Tutorial comments

20.05.2013 -

mjasoj says …

Thanks a lot..... Helped me at right moment, 1st position on google for this post is deserving...!

12.03.2013 -

ajit_00776 says …

Thank u so much dude , i have created my account in Zymic.com to say Thanks to you ,

thank u very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24.01.2013 -

Varshny says …

That's great!!Thank you so much..helped me exactly at the right moment!:)

15.07.2012 -

Arsal1993 says …

O_o Why I Dont Think About It...??

27.03.2012 -

jessica08 says …

i like it
its very nice

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