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Free Tutorials » Adobe Photoshop » Dot Pattern

Apply a dot pattern effect yo your images in this simple tutorial.

Step 1

Open up your image you want to apply the pattern to, I used the one below.

Step 1 diagram

Step 2

Now we need to make a new document. Make the with and height 3 pixels with a transparent background.
Zoom in using the zoom tool at around 1600% and then grab the pencil tool and draw 1 black pixel dot in the center like below:

Step 2 diagram

Step 3

Now we need to define the pattern, go to [ Edit > Define Pattern ] and name the pattern dots.

Step 4

Now bring back the image you want to apply the pattern to and select the Fill Bucket Tool.
Look at the top of the screen and select pattern from the fill drop down box and then select the dot pattern from the pattern drop down box.

Step 4 diagram

Step 5

Now make a new layer and fill your image using the Paint Bucket Tool. Play around with various blending options and opacity levels to get the best out of your dots!

Step 5 diagram

Tutorial comments

08.12.2012 -

1tonocasi says …


11.08.2010 -

petike1 says …


27.10.2009 -

myfp says …

very good!haha^_^

04.11.2008 -

zolek78 says …

this one is great to use for blurring images. It also look very professional. Well done.

24.10.2007 -

socoduce says …

For n00bs like me, this stuff is great! This is what helps me understand the depths of photoshop. Thanks.

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